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Press Release: SAM Controller Announces Product Line Compressor Controller

Press Release: SAM Controller Announces Product Line Compressor Controller

SAM Controllers Announces Product Line Compressor Controller™ for Reciprocating Air Compressors


SAM Controllers has announced its product line, Compressor Controller™ with two models, the R1 for single pump reciprocating compressors and the R2 for duplex compressors, offering full automation, assured efficiency gains and predictive failure analytics embedded into the controller with no Internet connection required. These models are applicable for any reciprocating compressor and is presently shipping with sensors for up to 200 psi and will reduce the total cost of ownership with savings up to 30%.   

“Most companies that focus on advanced computing, sensing and AI controls skip over the small business automation market in pursuit of grand business cases, however thanks to a flexible new computing methodology that significantly lowers the cost of development for AI controls, SAM Controllers is targeting to disrupt the the enormous market of non-intelligent control systems operating the everyday machines, processes and systems which power our local economies,” said Chris Doerfler, Cofounder and CEO of SAM Controllers. “The addition of our Compressor Controller line allows small businesses to cost effectively benefit from state of the art machine learning making expert control decisions that improve air quality, reduce operating costs and lower the energy footprint of compressed air systems.


The Compressor Controller focuses on advanced, intelligent sensing and feedback through electrical signature modeling to monitor and optimally control the most critical aspects of reciprocating compressors. Precise control of the unloader valve minimizes demand charges and prevents heavy wear on the pump during startup. Precisely controlling the air tank drainage valve ensures always dry air and prevents unnecessary pump cycling saving money on the cost of operation and ongoing maintenance costs all while lowering the energy footprint.


Compressor Controllers are durable, edge computing devices operating without an internet connection, ensuring secure, autonomous operation and always maintaining operational and performance data on screen accessible through a single button menu. It will self-report problems such as air leaks or the need for pump maintenance and automatically self-learn between normal and extreme operation, able to turn the pump off when a line rupture is detected. Compressor Controllers can be IoT enabled with the purchase of an upgrade kit.


Compressor Controllers model R1 and R2 are presently available as a retrofit kit for purchase online and are the first of many compressed air products that will be released over the next year. SAM Controllers is actively seeking distributors and licensing partners.


About SAM Controllers

SAM Controllers is a spinoff company of the private research and development group 3DFS, delivering reliable, automated efficiency and optimized machine performance to businesses seeking cost effective automation.


Headquartered just outside the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina and launched in 2017, SAM Controllers delivers a wide range of intelligent control systems for residential and small business automation to improve the lives of everyday people who must frustratingly rely on non-intelligent machines that do not perform as intended. For more information, please visit www.SAMcontrollers.com.


About 3DFS

3DFS is the parent company of SAM Controllers and the technology expert and product developer using the flexible and powerful computing technology, Task Oriented Optimal Computing. 3DFS designs, develops, manufactures and assembles all products, including all SAM Controllers at its headquarters facility in Pittsboro, NC. For more information, please visit 3DFS.com.

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