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SAM Automation
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Improves machine performance
  • Enhances work output
  • Increases safety
  • Insightful usage information
  • Lowers maintenance
  • Simple & practical to use
  • Digital & solid state
  • Industry tested
Management and Facilities Friendly Control


Simple automation, precision machine performance with single button reporting menu operation that anybody can use

Maintenance Free

Autonomous machine control that will self-report any problems detected within the system for ease of repair and maintenance


Built tough to operate and last in the same rugged environments of the machines and systems they control, guaranteed


Model based data analysis, control and feedback proactively controls machines for optimal lifetime performance

The Advantages of SAM Controllers

Real Time Model Based Analytics

SAM Controllers leverage intelligent sensing, which synchronize all sensors and perform all analytics upon data acquisition. Along with a comprehensive feedback layer, the edge computing guarantees accuracy of readings that adjust with the environmental conditions for truly consistent machine operation at all times.


Electrical Signature Feedback Modeling

Advanced electrical signature analysis algorithms are used for real time precision feedback on the machine performance, ambient environment and the controller itself. This is a key component of the predictive analytics and catastrophic event detection that prevents equipment damage and downtime.


Cyber Secure, Durable, Edge Computing 

These advanced, durable edge computing control systems consistently deliver peak machine performance along with operational data and analytics without requiring an internet connection for the ultimate in cybersecurity protection.

Proactive, self-learning control systems as reliable and autonomous
as the pumps and machines they control
SAM Controllers self learning and feedback model