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SAM researches, develops, and manufactures digital controllers and solid-state sensors that enable greater efficiency, simplicity, and security for the challenges of today, tomorrow, and the future.


Intuitive automation controllers applied in process, machine and appliance control. Robotics hardware and embedded software that is already making leaps in efficiency, practicality and security in select applications.

  • Burner
  • Winding
  • Conveyor
  • Bilge

Solid State Sensors

Fully digital, solid-state sensors that measure effectively in a broad range of conditions for an array of parameters.

  • Liquid
  • Pressure
  • Temp/Humidity


Unparalleled in a cross section of value, power and flexibility – SAM Controller accessories takes development, measurement and optimization of processes up a gear.

  • Bolt on Pump Temperature Sensor – ​DTB360
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  • True Level CNC
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  • Winding Machine Controller – WMC100
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  • SimpleDRO
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  • Wood/Pellet Boiler Furnace Controller
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  • PWM DC Pedal Controller
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  • Bilge Pump Controller BPC100
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  • Power H Mini – DC 12A H-Bridge driver
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  • Conveyor Controller
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  • Irrigation Pump Controller
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  • Solid State Digital Liquid Level Sensor
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  • Sewage Pump Controller
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  • Water Well Pump Controller
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  • R1 Compressor Controller / Single Pump Kit
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  • R2 Compressor Controller / Duplex kit
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Secure Automation Management (SAM)
  • Reduces energy consumption
  • Improves machine performance
  • Enhances work output
  • Increases safety
  • Insightful usage information
  • Lowers maintenance
  • Simple & practical to use
  • Digital & solid state
  • Industry tested

Simple to use

Simple automation, effective machine performance with single button operation that anybody can use

Valuable Insights

Offering insights in to the operations and critical status reporting off issues befre they arrise


Provides greater overall relaibility to the process that SAM automation integrates into


Automated analysis, and feedback proactively controls for optimal lifetime performance

Automation + Robotics + Analytics = SAM Controllers
We believe that sustainability is through the practical automation of everyday processes, machines, and appliances with clever hardware and software making a difference well beyond the savings.
Broad estimated comparison of SAM Automation versus other types of controller methodology for the given SAM controllers product and application.
SAM sensors and active feedback is the next level to efficiency - delivering practical, wholesome automation.
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