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R1 Compressor Controller / Single Pump Kit



Model R1

The Compresor Controller is a control system designed for electric single pump reciprocating air compressors, The only 3rd party tested system that saves energy, improves air quality and reports operational problems.

The Compressor Controller retrofit kit delivers full system automation and can be installed on virtually any brand reciprocating air compressor.


  • Reduce tank moisture up to 70%
  • Reduce startup current up to 20% reduction (lower utility demand charges)
  • Eliminate drifting pressure band gap (save energy all year long)
  • Self-reporting of maintenance needs
Additional information

Additional information

Weight 2.5 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 6 in
Features & Benefits

Features & Benefits

Intelligent air tank moisture control:  With Real-Time feedback, it directly controls the air tank drain valve to expel condensate when it is present without excessive waste of air in the process. This maintains a much drier air quality and significantly reduces the lifetime energy footprint of the air compressor by reducing the number of pump cycles.


Compressor pump smart start guards against oil contamination: Controls the compressor pump unloader valve with Real-Time feedback on the power consumption to guarantee a properly timed loading sequence that reduces startup current draw (up to 20% ) and lowers the oil moisture contamination in pumps.


Automatic air line rupture detection:  Detects air line ruptures in the air network and stops the pump preventing further damage to equipment and personnel.


Automatic overheat protection:  The controller observes the pump head temperature and automatically manages any connected auxiliary fans to assist with maintaining the pump temperature below a threshold.


Digital management of pressure band gap: Precise digital monitoring of the system pressure digital system allows the Compressor Controller to control the low and high set points without drifting, even when accounting for weather and climate changes/differences.


Cycle and Hour usage meter: The Compressor Controller counts both the pump cycles and operating hours, displaying this information on the LCD screen.  This information allows passive insight into performance and can be used to appropriately schedule maintenance.


Compressor City: Each Compressor Controller is equipped with a compressor city function

allowing owners of multiple reciprocating air compressors of different types, sizes, and brands to connect them seamlessly together as a system to always satisfy peak-demand air requirements and synchronize maintenance intervals.

Available Customization Options

Available Customization Options

  • TOD (Time-of-Day) rate CA energy conservation compatible
  • Custom pressure limits (up to 5,000 PSI sensors available)

Please indicate an interest in the above options when checking out, in the customer message field.



Installation Overview

Installing the Compressor Controller can be broken down to the following steps:

  1. Cut an opening in an enclosure* to mount the compressor controller, temperature sensor, power supply, buzzer and magnetic starter * / Solid State Relay (SSR) * / Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) *.
  2. Install the digital pressure sensor on the tank, often added to a tee where the original pressure gauge is located.
  3. Remove a bolt that attaches the pump head to the pump base and install the pump temperature sensor much like a washer and reinstall the bolt.
  4. Add an electrically operated unloader valve* if the unloader is operated mechanically or if an existing electrically operated valve is present it can be used.  (check for electrical compatibility).
  5. Add an electric valve* to the tank drain or if an existing electric valve is present it can be used (check for electrical compatibility).    
  6. Connect and check the wiring.

* Components that are not included with the compressor controller kit and may be needed



Installation Video



14 Step Guide & Walk-through



Vent / Unloader Valve Selection Guide



TechTalk Support Portal & Community

Post questions/comments with pictures to receive feedback from the community and SAM Staff

https://techtalk.samcontrollers.com/c/air-compressor-controlsConnection and Wiring






Model Name: R1
Input Power: 110-220VAC
Compressor Controller Power: 12VDC 0.5A
Maximum Relay Output (AC/DC): 250VAC 10A  / 24VDC up to 0.3A
Digital Pressure Sensor Thread: ⅛ NPTM
Product Dimensions (W x H x D): 7.1 x 5.4 x 2.3 inch
Weather Protection: IP21 – Indoor or installed in a sealed enclosure
Operating Conditions (Temperature / Humidity): 14°F to 105°F  / 10..85%RH , non-condensing
Installation opening in enclosure ( L x H ): 6.6 x 4.7 inch (recommended)
Warranty: 1 Year limited

Compressor Compatibility

Max Number of pumps 1
Single Pump Reciprocating Compressor Yes
Single & Multiple Stage Reciprocating Compressor Yes
Diaphragm  Reciprocating Compressors Yes
Power Type Electric

Compressor Controller Control Outputs:

Output RelayType Normally Open and

Normally Closed Relay outputs

Relay Outputs for: Unloader Valve, Drain Valve, Compressor Run (A or A & B), & Aux pump fan
Max Relay Output Ratings (AC/DC) 250VAC 10A  / 24VDC up to 0.3A

Pressure settings:

The (low/on and high/off ) pressure cut on / off settings are digitally set by user, on the back panel of the compressor controller and it can be set anywhere between the range of minimum and maximum, the standard Compressor Controller ships with the following pressure ranges:   

Standard Pressure Range: Minimum: 40 psi  Maximum: 160 psi
Custom PSI range Minimum: 0 psi  Maximum: 5,000 psi

Custom ranges are available (up to 5,000PSI) as custom order options requiring a liability waiver, please contact SAM Controllers for more information . Please contact the SAM Controllers factory for customization options, within 24 hours directly following your order.

Warranty and RMA Information

Warranty and RMA Information

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How the compressor controller maximizes air compressor efficiency

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