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DLD – Digital Level display unit

Digital Level and DLD Unit  are sold together. 

Digital Level Display Unit provides simple and seamless interface for your applications when measuring liquid levels and temperatures with the SAM Digital Level Sensor.  The typical output offering is serial TTL. As an option a USB, Ethernet, CAN, BT, WiFi, and some combinations thereof can be custom manufactured to fit your needs. 


Enclosure size L x W x H :  3.15 in x 2.36 in x 1.57 in (80 mm x 60 mm x 40 mm)

Connector Type Input & Output:  RJ11. 

Power Requirements: +5V DC


The above options can be customized, please contact us for details.


Additional information

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 3 × 3 in


Each connector clearly marked and provide secure connection when used appropriately.

Power and Output – socket at the unit are RJ12, but will accept RJ11. Pinout on the connector as following: 1 – Ground (Black), 2 – RX (Green), 3 – TX (Yellow), 4 – Power +5V DC (Red).


Supplied together with unit an RJ11 with 3ft wire specifically made to match wire colors:

GND – Black,

RED – +5V DC (Power)

GREEN – RX, serial TTL

YELLOW – TX, serial TTL

(!) Please pay attention to the wires and connected power supply – applying incorrect voltages, and/or polarity would possibly damage the unit, and void the warranty.


Digital Level INPUT – is supplied crimped for you, and ready to use. Will accept any RJ45 connector and will work with Model 08, 20, 40, 60, 80 and Custom Digital Levels.  Do not attempt to connect other, not approved sensors or electronic equipment. It is not an Ethernet connector – connection to Ethernet network may damage Digital Level Display unit and void the warranty.



On top of the Unit are two LED :  BLUE – Power/Acquire – will blink on each single data request, steady light are indications of Unit are functioning as expected and idle. When Serial acquisition are selected, will toggle on/off state every second acquisition.  When Digital Level is disconnected or any error is detected, blue light will be OFF indicating problems.

RED – Init/Error – Will blink at initialization of Digital Level stage, and will stay OFF if functioning is normal. In case if Digital Level is disconnected or malfunctioning, will be all time ON until power cycled.

Serial TTL

Serial TTL

Serial connection is designed strictly for use with TTL levels :

Unit circuits will not tolerate overvoltage or negative polarity and it may damage internal components and void the warranty.

It can be programmed by factory at your desired speed, but is default is 57600 baud. It is standard UART – Start/Data/Parity/Stop bits.  Please contact factory for your needs.

Control functionality

Control functionality

By default, Unit are supplied when Serial Streaming mode at 0.5 Sec rate is activated. All data will be sent to output of Unit close to 0.5sec interval.  Command

If “s” (lower case) will be received by Unti, unit will be change mode to Request-Transmit mode.

Request-Transmit mode Serial Inputs are :

“#” + <CR> – measure depth, temperature and wait another “#”

If any “1”, “2”, … or “9” + <CR> – initiate Serial Streaming mode and number are time divider value = 1 – close to 0.5sec rate ;  9 – close to 96mS (10.4Hz)


Data structure

Data structure

Typical Serial Output:

Purpure is present a header, which will be output once after initialization.

Green part id data Serial streaming.


From header part user can learn what model of Digital Level is detected, Active measurement depth, Software version, and default streaming mode – default is ~ 0.5 Sec


Output data format is set to the following data structure :

  • Measurement number since start – (long), will be roll to zero, when maximum number reached ;
  • mills_since_start – (long), will be roll to zero, when maximum number reached;
  • level  – quantity activated sensing pads – (integer)
  • level_inches (float, 2) – level in inches from bottom, interpolated to size of the sensing pads of model are used.
  • Upper_Temp_C (float,1) – temperature at upper built-in temperature sensor, Celsius
  • Lower_Temp_C (float,1) – temperature at lower built-in temperature sensor, Celsius
  • <CR>



934; 467813; 4; 6.72; 25.0; 24.0

  • 934 measurement
  • 467813 mS since start
  • 4 pads are activated
  • 6.72in are current level from the bottom
  • 25.0 C Upper temperature (air)
  • 24.0 C Lower temperature (liquid)


16458; 7799140; 7; 11.76; 22.0; 18.0

  • 16458 measurement
  • 7799140 mS since start
  • 7 pads are activated
  • 11.76in are current level from the bottom
  • 22.0 C Upper temperature (air)
  • 18.0 C Lower temperature (liquid)


44000; 20849032; 2; 3.36; 23.5; 24.5

  • 44000 measurement
  • 20849032 mS since start
  • 2 pads are activated
  • 3.36in are current level from the bottom
  • 23.5 C Upper temperature (air)
  • 24.5 C Lower temperature (liquid)
Error or Malfunction

Error or Malfunction

If disconnect from Digital Level are detected or DL or DLD unit is malfunctioning, acquisition will be stopped, and RED LED will be activated. On serial port will be sent a series of “z” symbols indicating error or malfunction.

When is incoming stream monitoring is detecting any “z” in lower case – it is need trigger an alarm messaging or other action in user software/hardware setup.

Returning in normal functioning only via a power cycle.   

If during Power-up Digital Level was disconnected or malfunctioned, RED LED will stay ON all the time, check the connection and restart power.

Warranty Info

Warranty Info

Thirty days from date of purchase.

All Products shall be operational upon shipment. Once the Products have been embedded into any device and /or system, the user assumes full responsibility for the continued operation of the Products and no warranty shall apply. All Products are intended for use only by persons familiar with environmental monitoring, electrical codes and embedded electrical engineering techniques. Sam Controllers is not responsible for misuse of its products in conjunction with unsafe or improperly maintained equipment or for uses other than intended environmental monitoring. The Products are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship. SAM CONTROLLERS EXPRESSLY EXCLUDES ALL OTHER WARRANTIES NOT EXPRESSLY SET FORTH HEREIN, WHETHER EXPRESSED OR IMPLIED, BY OPERATION OF LAW OR OTHERWISE, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO ANY IMPLIED WARRANTIES OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. SAM Controllers shall not be liable for any special, consequential, exemplary, incidental, punitive, or indirect damages, losses or expenses of any kind whatsoever directly or indirectly arising from the sale, handling or use of the Products, or from any other cause relating thereto. SAM Controllers liability hereunder in any case is expressly limited to the replacement (in the form originally shipped) of Products not complying with this Agreement or, at SAM Controllers’ election, to the repayment of, or crediting purchaser or customer with, an amount equal to the purchase price of such Products, whether such claims are for breach of warranty, negligence or otherwise. Any claim by purchaser with reference to the Products sold hereunder for any cause shall be deemed waived by purchaser, and/or its customer, unless submitted to SAM Controllers in writing within (30) days from the earlier of the date of discovery, or the date when discovery should have occurred, of any claimed breach. Warranties provided herein, shall not, in any event extend beyond 30 days following the date of purchase from SAM Controllers.


Thirty days from date of purchase, with a 15% restocking fee.

Data Sheet

DLD Unit Drawings (3D TP & 2D Cad)