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Open source product – Own your Digital Readout and software yourself !  You can change/improve code with this universal set of hardware.


The SimpleDRO is an open source digital readout platform for iGaging DigiMag type (capacitance) linear scale or encoder.  The SimpleDRO takes in up to 4 scale inputs, and as an option available RPM sensor and Current (load) sensors.  Displays the information on a 4 line Green or Blue LCD screen.  For Lathe selectable a half scale (½) (Diameter/Radius).  Display values can be in Standard (in) or Metric (mm) units as a absolute or relative coordinate system. Linear scales is not included and need to purchase separately.


  • Compatible with most 21 or 24 bit scales/encoders (open source supports 21bit at this time)
  • High precision ( 1.2um/0.0005”) and repeatability
  • Hardware supports up to 4 axis
  • RPM or Current (load) input and display option
  • Display Half scale (½)  – Diameter or Radius
  • Display in Standard (in) or Metric (mm)


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1, 2, 3 or 4 axis SimpleDRO™ (digital readout) is specifically designed and manufactured to fulfill the gap of easy to build, install and connect to your favorite machinery. With flexible installation variations, the SimpleDRO can accommodate nearly any set up – from a simple one axis drill press and lathe, to up to 4 axis mill setup.


On the front panel are Half scale (½) (Diameter/Radius), Standard and Metric (in/mm), All Axis Reset buttons allow to use Absolute or Relative coordinate system. Additional options include Rotation Speed (RPM), and Current (Load) sensor reading.


SimpleDRO™ is specifically designed for inexpensive and relatively precise (resolution 1.2um/0.0005”) capacitance scale. Calipers, “Standard” Chinese scales, iGaging DigiMag, and AccuRemote scales fall under the category of “capacities” scales in different forms and sizes, they all offer roughly the same resolution, repeatability and run-out but differ on other important parameters. Please check a great resource of scale selection and others, available from google.


You can use a 21 or 24 bit scales, but our open source software supports almost all common 21bit scales – please check with your supplier prior order.



A few compatible open source options are available for this design:  Check out  Youri’s Toy and Ryszard Malinowski site for more information.  There are dozens of different forks and versions available for 21 and 24 bit scales, glass scales, angle encoders, etc.

Please check other available search options and asses your needs before engage in this project – this project are require certain skill set to make it works.

Pakages Details

Pakages Details

With a SimpleDRO PCB option, you will receive a download link for the software and brief assembling sheet. Multiple third party software available to download on this hardware. With PCB option you can do many modification and fitting to specific installation needs, select a different screen, LED or OLED displays, etc. A PCB dimensions drawings are provided for download after purchase.

The Assembled PCB package come with all components installed on PCB, LCD screen at your selection, and boards are mounted together with studs, all software is installed and tested ordered options. A dimensional installation drawings are provided for download after purchase.  This package is subject of availability based on demand.

Enclosed SimpleDRO package will come Assembled, Programmed and Tested in Enclosure, with power supply, ready to be installed in to your machinery. A simple machinery installation page to follow link for download will be provided.

Non of the packages are coming as a complete set and assume certain level of DIY skills, require familiarity with the art of PCB assembly, and/or programming, testing, installation, etc.   We are intend to provide a minimum technical support and offer you a set of general information  – for one and single reason to reduce cost of ownership for you.   We are not any way liable to make a complete installation work for you nor provide an extensive technical support.   Regardless this and other descriptions, we assume you assessed  your knowledge and skills before engaging in to this progect

Custum Order Options

Custum Order Options

This matrix is applicable to only for Assembled or Enclosed order options.

Select and copy this table.  Make necessary changes and include with your order.

Subject Specific Description
SimpleDRO™ for : 1, 2, 3,  or 4 axis machine … describe your machine here
List all machine axis names, which need to be included to display Drill press – Z

Lathe – X, Z

Advance Lathe – X, Z, B, C

Mill – X, Y, Z, Knee

Other –

Show for each axis sign (inverted or direct) : … provide drawings/pictures how you plan to install your scales to the machine
Display color selection Yellow/Green


…. other colors available, may take time to delivery.

Display standard 2004 – 20char x 4line 3.03” x 1.02” (77mm x 25mm), 3.15” diagonal

Symbol height : 0.196″ (5mm)

Display Big digit option 0420 –

4line x 20char

4.96” x 1.98” (126mm x 46mm), 5.15” diagonal

Symbol height : 0.393″ (10mm)

LED 7segment display digits, custom order Available to many possibilities – just write here what you want to start discussion
Tachometer option
Current (Load) option
Custom Logo option
We offer completely custom solution with BT, WiFi, CAN, Ethernet, RS485, etc. communications.

Variety of custom control option, etc.

Please specify your needs
Other _______________

Revisions and Accesories

Revisions and Accesories

SimpleDRO v.0.50 (discontinued)

LED I2C display version. RPM, no Load

SimpleDRO v.1.02 (batch production, make inquiry)

20×4 LCD 3.1″ diagonal display, RPM, Load, BT HC-05

SimpleDRO v.1.02 (batch production, make inquiry)

20×4 LCD 5.1″ diagonal display, RPM, Load, BT HC-05


Hall sensor, encapsulated, Water/Oil resistant, 6ft wire, Mini-B USB connector. Ask for custom cable length. (subject for availability)

Current sensor, 6ft wire, Mini-B USB connector. Ask for custom cable length. (subject for availability)

Cumming Soon

STL model for 3D printed enclosure for LCD and BT versions

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