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True Level CNC

Coolant level & temperature monitoring

Coolants are an instrumental part of machining, grinding, milling, and turning. They extend tool life and provide for an improved surface finish to the parts being machined. The True Level CNC is an add-on solid-state level measurement, management, and information system for CNC coolant tanks.


Knowing the coolant level and temperature is critical for best MQL


The system constantly monitors the level and temperature of the coolant and notifies when the coolant level is low or out and when the temperature is outside of operating parameters. But it does not stop there, the True Level CNC is able to manage the maintenance of the oil in the coolant by effectively cycling the oil skimmer.  




Solid State digital level The level has no moving parts or orifices; it is a solid-state rectangular sensor making it impervious to clogging and jamming. The sensor is digital with embedded temperature sensors providing for error-free and real-time feedback in data … ensuring that what the gauge reads represents accurate coolant conditions.  


Light Bar An intuitive indicator tower, displays coolant level and temperature information in an RGB bar. The light bar is engineered to provide critical information feedback about coolant level and operating temperatures from a glance away. When operating conditions are normal the light bar displays steady green and blue – as coolant temperature increases and level decreases the light bar brings attention to this with pulsating colors. 


AutoSkim controller The True Level CNC controller analyzes the state of coolant and actuates the skimmer at the time and for the duration when it will be the most efficient at removing oil.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 5.8 lbs
Dimensions 11 × 8 × 6 in
True Level CNC Configuration

Basic, With AC-DC Power Adaptor, With Skimmer Control Option

Values measured

Values measured


  • Upper coolant temperature 
  • Lower coolant temperature 
  • Ambient temperature/humidity


Coolant Level

  • As a gauge & color light bar
  • In depth (inches/ centimeters)  
  • As Volume (gallons / liters) 
Warranty and RMA Information

Warranty and RMA Information

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