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Water Well Pump Controller

A universal controller for residential water well systems. It is a durable expert system that uses real time data and feedback to sense the presence of water, while monitoring and protecting the residential water system – saving money, protecting the pump and pipes, reducing the energy footprint and increasing the reliability and longevity of the home’s water well system.


  • Dry well/frozen water pump run protection
  • Automatic dry well recovery
  • Water leak detection
  • Pump failure prediction
  • 10 day water volume tracking
  • Digital management of pressure band gap
  • Pump cycle and hour meter
  • TOD (Time-of-Day) rate CA energy conservation compatible


This product is manufactured to order with a two week lead time



Enclosure Specifications:

Main block dimensions:  10 1/2″ Length x 7 3/8″ Width x 3 1/2″ Depth
Enclosure:  IP67 Aluminum NEMA Die Cast Box
Display dimensions:  6.30″ Length x 3.15″ Width x 2.17″ Depth
Enclosure: IP65 Polycarbonate, ABS NEMA 4
Floor Mounting bracket: StainlessSteel 15” Height x 6 ⅝ “ Width x 2” Depth
Wall Mounting bracket: StainlessSteel 5.5” Height x 9 ½ “ Width x ⅝” Depth
Design for wet and semi-wet locations


Data Sheet

Installation Video