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Bilge Pump Controller

Always know bilge water status

and when the pump could fail.

The Bilge Pump Controller provides reliable Real-Time performance informatics to the captain on bilge water assessment and in-time pumping. Durable, digital level sensors perform the primary function of keeping your hull dry and letting you know when a critical situation is occurring.


With constant environmental and component monitoring, this expert system protects your life, your investment and provides peace of mind and certainty about what is occurring in one of the most important areas of a boat. Precision Real-Time measurement provides additional insight into the pump operation, detecting and stopping pump dry run, frozen water, rupture, and more.

A powerful Color LED Status Pano clearly displays visual conditions display such as faults, water level, sensor fault, pump fault and more. All diagnostics and analytics are done in Real-Time and reflect present and historical performance. The easily accessible front panel “Auto – Manual” switch will override control conditions at any time.


  • Digital sensing and control with built-in diagnostics
  • Easy to read diagnostics results in English (other languages also supported)
  • Real-Time status color LED pano

SAM Bildge Pump Model Options



Bilge Pump Controllers are designed, manufactured, and tested to stand up to the harshest marine conditions. All components have been selected to endure heavy salty mist environment. With proper installation, wiring and connection, the design is comparable to an industrial IP62 environment.


The controller is designed to be installed onto the front vertical, angle or horizontal panel. The display glass block is made of sun resistant material, however we recommend using an additional front cover on the muring or long storage to maintain the screen clarity.



  • Real-Time, all time pump control with automatic dry-run prevention. Monitors pipe and bilge water freezing, pipe  rupture and pump motor performance during startup and operation, actively reflecting both the pump and motor status  
  • Monitors the health, performance and status of the Digital Level Sensor and self-reports any issues
  • The Bilge Pump Controller automatically tracks its usage and provides data for day-by-day comparisons. As an option, data storage capabilities are available and can conveniently record and store long term advanced analytics which can be used as an additional operating log and reviewed for unusual patterns


Digital Level Sensor

The Solid State Digital Liquid Sensors (Sensor) is designed for sustainability in harsh salty marine environments. It is built with durable, chemically inert materials that have no moving components and provide direct water level measurement with the proprietary Task Oriented Optimal Computing.


The digital sensing is perfect for an active status report mechanism operating over an extended period of time. All sensors have “top indication” LED:  Green – power; Blue – flashing, acquisition status; Red – alarming conditions. These will assist in diagnosing problems and confirming operation.


The Sensors are suitable for fiberglass, plastic, metal and wood hulls and can accommodate a wide variety of ships and boats. They can be installed in any vertical or angled position to accommodate nearly any marine vessel design. The Sensor comes standard in 12in length with a 6ft marine grade cable, terminated with an IP62 connector. There are a variety of Sensor and cable lengths available. For multiple sensor configuration custom cabling and brackets can be supplied to satisfy your installation needs – please prepare details on your installation needs and send your inquiries.


For different hull materials, bulkhead configuration, we provide installation recommendations – consult a representative about your particular situation.



To meet with the harsh marine environment, storage and usage, all connectors have been carefully selected. Our MIL grade, plastic connectors are manufactured with highest standard, using gold plated contacts, soldered and sealed with Silicone o-rings for a wide range of temperatures. For special order we can supply Buna-N o-rings for sealing.


Optional Components

There is a variation in the environments and installations. We can accommodate your needs for an installation order. In some cases, we can provide you with a complete set of all the involved components, including pumps, sensors, cabling, horn, etc. – send your inquiries to us. Please look below for Options available.



First – make your plan of the installation. Drawing a one line diagram would be a good start, but eventually you need to add details to your plan and make clear which individual wire is going in what position. If you have reservations about self-installation, consult a knowledgeable friend or contact us and we can assist in clarifying.


Tools and materials required

A general tool set, available at any handy garage, will do the job. In some situations, you may need hacksaw, and perhaps wiring fishing tape. Make sure you have good marine grade wires available for your pump installation – no matter how reliable the controller or sensors are, the final connection needs to be rated for final currents and be protected from corrosion. Self-installation still requires a professional approach and effort. Any object floating in the bilge area will bang against, rub and eventually destroy your the components. All wires need to soldered, so a soldering gun and appropriate marine grade shrink wrap is required to make a watertight installation. No exceptions !


Digital Level Sensor

First locate the best location for the installation. It should be close to the pump installation and maintain relatively level when the boat rocking. In our opinion, the best place would likely be a bulkhead somewhere in the stern area near the lowest part of the Bilge.

Some installers like to use the aft bulkhead surface. The Sensor can be installed at an angle to accommodate for length, this will give a better resolution in the water height – please refer to User Manual for details on calculations atru water height.


Pay attention to the wire route and use the best, appropriate techniques to secure the sensor and wire – this will determine the longevity and stability of the installation.

Please remember, cable is an expensive and valuable asset, so before ordering please carefully measure and record the required cable length. We will add one foot to the order and bill you accordingly. It is best not to splice the Sensor cables unless you have familiarity with professional marine splicing and insulation techniques. Pay attention to these details.

For a metal hull installation, please specify at time of order. Metal hulls require the use of spacers and a different positioning than for fiberglass or wood. With the appropriate installation, the same accuracy and sensitivity is present.

Here is a drawing showing an example of a Primary and Backup pump with a Digital Level Sensor (green).


Wire routing and connection

With your wiring diagram completed and ready, clearly think through how each wire will be routed and connected to the Controller. Make installation diagram if it will be helpful. It is advisable to use plastic clips, wire in corners using a wire guard, etc. Ask your local marine shop or search the internet for proper marine wire routing and connecting.


Optional connections

As an optional connection, you may consider installing a Bilge Venting Fan, or Horn alarm. Be sure to review the current ratings and use any additional equipment as you need to assure safety and installation longevity.


Default Power ON

The Controller will do an autonomous self check upon powering on all connected sensors and also check the loads, which takes less than 20 sec. After the check is completed, the software will monitor and control the situation, activate pumps, alarms and optional equipment as needed.


Advanced through screen

The Controller default screen will inform about Bilge Water level, quantity of cycles since powerup and total, Bilge water and air temperature. Also, as an important feature shows the water depth in inches


Advancing through the screens will give you details on:  usage for past 12 times the Controller has been powered; statistics on the pumping; statistics on the sensor performance; Controller serial number and built-in options. Please refer to User Manual for details.


Color LED Status Pano

During normal operation, Color LED Status Pano will be keep comedown colors and slow motion in response to sensors and outputs working. A brief look on pano will be easy to affirm the status and give awareness of the situation. In case the captain would like to learn more, there is a way to learn that via advancing through the screens and reviewing the statistics details. For instance, if a pump motor has abnormal current draw, but is still working you will will see a warning message with suggestions.

If the optional Alarm network is ordered, the Controller input will react on that dry-contact input and in case the contact is activated, it will change color on pano to bright Red and the Alarm will be activated. It could be connected to a fire sensor in below deck sections, or used to detect excessive engine exhaust temperature. At the same time, if wired to a warning monitor, the Controller will send a warning signal to remote the device, which will create sustainable awareness on the ship.


Standard Options Comments
Bilge Pump Controller
Power 12V DC 24V or 48V DC available.

110V AC with power supply.

Internal Li-Ion Battery Backup

Consumption Up to 2A At power backup from battery consumption drop to 700mA
Display LCD, 3” x 1”, 20 chars x 4 lines, color Blue Green, Yellow, White, Red
Color LED Status Pano Multicolor, dynamic, vertical, 1” x 3.3”, 64 pixel
Front control Display button, to select a different screens.

Auto-Manual switch for all connected pumps.

Inputs 1 Digital Level Sensor; Up to 4 Digital Level Sensors;

Up to 2 mechanical Float switches;

Outputs (controllable) 1 Pump with SSR On-Off functionality, up to 10A motor.

1 Horn relay output with max 1A (for higher current need to use an additional relay)

Up to 4 Pump controls with :

  • Relay – 2A output
  • SSR – up to 40A On-Off
  • PWM – up to 40A soft motor control

1 FAN relay with max 1A (for higher current need to use an additional relay)

Alarming Alarm trigger input (dry contact), Alarm trigger output (dry contact)
Electronics Selectively coated to sustain short submersion in water
Connectors MIL grade, plastic, sealed to IP62 specs. All connectors stove cups are provide.

Located on back side of the enclosure

Enclosure Marine grade hard anodized aluminium, corrosion resistant, sealed to IP62 specs with controllable vent. All hardware 316 Grade.

Panel mounting hardware provided.

Dimensions (W x H x D) 7.8” x 5.6” x 2.5”  

(200mm x 145mm x  65mm)

Cut-off for controller installation 6.8” x 4.85”  

(175mm x 125mm)

Digital Level Sensor
Total length 19.25 “  (488.9mm) Available from 8in to up to 69.5“ (1.77 M) Cable up to 17ft. Longer available with repeater in the cable
Active zone length 16.75 “ (425.45mm) For significant customer orders we can make custom configuration
Increment 1.62 in (25mm) For custom would be 0.7in to up to 5in
Indication 3 LED on top:

Green – Power

Blue – flashing on acquisition

Red – alarming conditions

Temperature measurement Two sensors, Top and Bottom, each for measurement range of :  -4F to +248F

    (-25C to +120C)

Temperature measurement accuracy Better than +/- 1.0C degree in whole range
Calibration Factory calibrated and individually tested and numbered.
Construction Semi-flex PCB with electronic components, selectively coated to IPC spec. Cable soldered,  restrained and sealed with marine grade sealant.

Outside Nylon, potted with chemically inert black potting.

Surface highly resistant to growth matter, barnacles, etc.

Ingress rated to IP68.

Cable Tefzel (M22759/16 spec)

Sensitivity Water, Brackish and Salty water.

Insensitivity to floating matter, oil film, debris, etc.

Resolution is determined by size of vertical increment +/- 2%

For 1in increment it will be +/- 0.02in

Resolution 10 increments
Power 5V DC, less than 15mA consumption active and less than 1mA in standby Suitable for non-ventilated areas to be installed.
Construction temperature range Survive : -40F to +257F

             (-40C to +125C)

Powered :  -4F to +248F

              (-25C to +120C)

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