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Conveyor Controller

The State-of-the-Art flexible Conveyor Controller is designed to completely replace the standard PLC controller and any associated type of speed controllers. A natural Task Oriented Optimal Computing (TOOC) based system provides flexibility to build or repair virtually any conveyor setup with a “one stop” conveyor setup.


Adjustable speed with Fast/Slow modes operates in Left-to-Right or Right-to-Left setup scenarios. The advanced version has a built-in LCD screen that displays information on processing boards and explanations of triggered alarms. Multiple stop controllers are avaliable as a custom order.

Basic version


Basic Audit/Pass Conveyor Controller – This It is a complete replacement of PLC controller with full IPC-SMEMA-9851 capabilities.


Will do board Audit and Pass through.  This version is produced in a DIN type enclosure for standard 35mm rails (DIN EN 60715 TH35). and does not include an LCD display. 

Advanced version


16×2 alphanumeric LCD screen to display statistics information and regimes. Provides quantity of boards Audited and Passed since conveyor was turned ON.  This version is produced in DIN type enclosure for standard 35mm rails (DIN EN 60715 TH35), where the front is a clear panel for LCD. It is available as custom solution in panel mounted enclosure box – please send your inquiries.

The controller is powered with DC 24V and requires less than 50mA to operate. It will control up to two stepper motors and flexible initial setup allows to manage virtually any variation of step motors with precision start/stop control. Built-in stepper drivers are designed for up-to 2A per phase output current with a maximum 40V power supply.


Controller will accept up to two PCB sensor signals and can operate without SMEMA signals in “SMEMA OFF” mode. This regime is specifically valuable feature when it is a stand-alone “Table-to-Table” type of operation with or without audit required.

The Conveyor Controller has a provision to connect LED color light tower with an audible buzzer alarm. It provides up to 20mA output for the following lights:

RED: Failure conditions, an emergency stop or machine fault

YELLOW: Warnings, over-time passage conditions, PCB has not cleared chain

GREEN: Normal machine process operation

BLUE: External help request, PCB available for audit

The Controller can be quickly retrofitted into an existing conveyor or new conveyer. Flexible setup and advanced monitoring options can be built relatively easily.

In past a few month we are working on HERMES GUID driven controller. At this time we looking for people/organizations who may have interests in such controller and we can offer a controller with Build-In Hermes v1.0.2 standard to test.

Technical Specifications :
Basic Advanced
SMEMA communication interface

(Electrical Equipment Interface Standard)

Complete Support UpStream/DownStream 

IPC-SMEMA-9851 compatible

SMEMA Voltage/Current 12V / 5mA
Working with motors Design for stepper motor and work with any type of motor controller, include DC and AC motors
Power Voltage Max / Min 40V / 16V DC, Design for 24V DC
Controller Current Consumption Up to 50mA, excludes motor current Up to 120mA, exclude motor current
Enclosure, Front Control and indication 4 SMEMA LED; Speed adjustment knob; Status Green LED; Audit Blue LED; 16char x 2lines LCD with “Display button”; 4 SMEMA LED; Speed adjustment knob; Status Green LED; Audit Blue LED;
Connections Four 9pin connectors, Plug-in screw terminals, green color
Installation IP21 only, Indoor or Sealed enclosure for outdoor
Mounting DIN EN 60715 TH35
Dimensions W x L x H in (mm) Single and Two stage : 4.18˝ x 3.55˝ x 2.26˝

                                     (106mm x 90mm x 57mm)

Tree and Four stage :  6.28˝ x 3.55˝ x 2.26˝

                                     (160mm x 90mm x 57mm)

Temperature Operation/Storage 14..+140°F / -4..+176°F (-10..+60°C / -20..+80°C)
Humidity 10..85%RH, no condensation allowed
Weight Single stage ~5oz;

Two stage ~6oz;

Tree stage ~7oz;

Four stage ~8oz.

Single stage ~7oz;

Two stage ~8oz;

Tree stage ~9oz;

Four stage ~10oz.

Description BASIC version ADVANCED version Options Option Remarks
PCB presence sensors 1 for single stage 1 for single stage
Speed control screw hole adjustment screw hole adjustment front of the unit knob(s) tunable speed
Motor type stepper motor stepper motor DC motor, or any external driver controller This option required additional speed controller
Jog control no Jog no Jog Jog advanced control Required installing push buttons on control panel
Multiple stop control no, single no, single 2 (4.18in enclosure width), 3 and 4 (6.28in enclosure width) stages Step motor
2, 3, up to 4 stage (4.18in enclosure width), DC motor option required DC motor
Event logging with precision time/date stamp on removable card no no SD card removable media Included 32GB card.
Remote monitoring no no WiFi, Bluetooth or Ethernet
If selected option for other motor type than Step motor, control options are as following:



Description Output Levels Limitations
TTL Less than +1V – STOP

Above +3.6V – START

Max current shall not to be over 20mA per control output
+12V TTL logic output Less than +1V – STOP

Above +10V – START

Max current shall not to be over 20mA per control output
Custom Voltage output Less than +1.5V – STOP

Above +(X-3)V – START

Connected voltage need to be filtered and do not use over +30V

Max current shall not to be over 20mA per control output

Dry contact output 1, 2, 3, or 4 stage conveyor motor controllers use contact output with common connection Max current shall not to be over 50mA per control output
Single Stage Connection Diagram
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