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Apex Waves LLC

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1 ni pxi-6653 / Diagnostics
1 ni pxi-4472 / Diagnostics

Suspected Bad Eprom

1 ni pcie-8361 / Diagnostics

Will not show up ( fault is L3 Inductor has been removed) Looking o find replacement

1 ni pxi-4472 / Diagnostics

Suspected Bad Eprom

1 ni pxi-4472 / Diagnostics

Suspected Bad Eprom

1 ni pxi-1044 / Diagnostics

Suspected bad power supply, confirmed: 3 light blink: checked voltages via back panel diagnostics: all voltage levels within operation limits

1 ni pxi-1044 Repair

Power supply repaired - several issues with pcb foil traces repaired. 2 low voltage capacitors replaced, sensing inductor replaced

1 PCI-7833R Repair

Repaired Bent 63 Pin Connector + Parts (digikey), Shipping paid for ApexWave

1 pxi-8176 embedded computer repair

disassembly, running through the reflow oven and battery change. Unit booted and seemed to work.

1 NI PCIE-1433 Diagnostics

Unit not showing up on system boot - Tested at Apex Wave, Tested in two other systems still not showing up - Did trace analysis of power: 2 out of 5 of onboard power supplies are turning on. Issue exists within PCIe signal processing. Cannot be repaired, special board triggering may have been previously programmed within the board causing this condition,.

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