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1 Ni Rio 9014 Diagnostics

Unit works, tested com &net port :

2 NI 9232

wont sync to rio - part sourced however does not fit.

1 Ship tech Scope (2day air)
1 Ni Pxi 2530 Diagnostics
1 Ni Pxi 2530

dc power filter resistor out of range - fuse on input channel broken - capacitor replacement : SN: 01718915
Device repaired and passed self test :

1 Ni 6651 Diagnostics

Unit does not power on, attempted repair on dc power supply, power supply available issue with upstream requires more diagnostics.

3 Ni-pi4472 Diagnostics

Diagnostics for bad eprom issue: checked power and trace feedback - need a working board to confirm findings and clone eprom data to new chips

1 ni p122 diagnostics

Appears to have high power discharge on marked outputs indicating a major short in system

1 Ni Pxi 1042

Diagnostics - Pins Bent and missing traced broken pins to determine that they are critical

1 PXI8176 Diagniostics

Pins bent, checked other parts of the system and everything looks to be working : Hard drive can be transplanted / resold

1 Pxi-6542 Diagnostics

Same issues as with Ni 6651 / looks to be the same general circuit that is out of spec and not powering the unit on

1 pxi 6653

YT oscillator missing, could not find local (inventory) stock part marked

1 pxi2584 repair

Rewired broken traces, replaced optocupler ic (and cap network under it), ristor array replaced & boards cleaned (defluxed) board self tests

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