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About SAM Controllers

Not knowing that a machine problem is inevitable shows a clear lack of control over that machine. This is a problem that we have dedicated our lives to solving.


At SAM Controllers, we are a group of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs with expertise in Real-Time computing, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and electrical signature analysis.


We have a unique combination of resources and expertise from our sister organization, 3DFS, where we are leveraging the Real-Time computing for digital measurement and control of electricity. Using that expertise, we have developed an advanced AI Controls methodology that is broadly applicable to individual machines or entire systems of machines.


Machines operate in real time and therefore must be controlled in Real-Time. SAMControllers.com is our online store for products that we have developed and are manufacturing. We are always actively looking for sales channels and partners to assist us in penetrating the numerous markets that can benefit from our products.


If you are interested in discussing business opportunities with SAM Controllers, please explore, purchase and try our our products first, so we are all familiar with the product performance once we begin the business discussions.


Thank you for visiting our site and please come back frequently to see the new products that we will be releasing for the foreseeable future.


The Best,

Real-Time Machine Knowledge is and Awareness is Critical for Sustainable Operations


Machines are designed to do work that humans cannot repetitively and consistently do for long periods of time. Water pumps deliver water to our homes and compressor pumps compress air into tanks regardless of holidays or anniversaries. Machines have advanced humanity in many ways and they have increasingly become more reliable.


You can enjoy your holidays and anniversaries with the assurance that the machines you entrust to supply your modern luxuries and do your daily life’s work will function properly. That is unless of course, there is a machine problem and they fail to perform the work as expected.


When machines fail to function properly, there is an immediate impact to you. Whether you are a homeowner and the machine is a sewage pump, or you are a business owner and the machine is a compressor pump, there are immediate and longer term costs that affect your financial bottom line.


Machines can fail at any hour of operation resulting in significant personal disaster and additional costs to repair/replace the machine and return to normal operations. The amount of the costs depend on the problem.


Questions asked with every machine failure

What is the problem? You must be or consult an expert to know.

Can I fix this myself? You must be or consult an expert to know.

What is this going to cost? You must be or consult an expert to know.

Was this disaster preventable? You must be or consult an expert to know.

Could I have known about this earlier? You must be or consult an expert to know.


With the SAM Controller Methodology, you remain aware and stay ahead of your machine operation with intelligent operation.