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About SAM Controllers

SAM Controllers is an electronics engineering company that specializes in digital control systems of all types. Our core specialty is incorporating high speed computing, intelligent sensing and real time controls into commercial and industrial electronics.


We build products that elegantly solve problems by practically using science in real time. Our approach to product development begins with understanding and modeling the physics of a process and incorporating that knowledge throughout productization and manufacturing. 


The ongoing trend in digital control systems will continue to grow almost universally in the direction of improved data and analytics, better control, enhanced security, and improved reliability in energy efficient designs. We are ahead of that curve. 


All of our products are made in Pittsboro, North Carolina, USA.



Real-Time Machine Knowledge is and Awareness is Critical for Sustainable Operations


When machines fail to function properly, there is an immediate impact to you. Whether you are a homeowner and the machine is a sewage pump, or you are a business owner and the machine is a compressor pump, there are immediate and longer term costs that affect your financial bottom line.


Machines can fail at any hour of operation resulting in significant personal disaster and additional costs to repair/replace the machine and return to normal operations. The amount of the costs depend on the problem.

Questions asked with every machine failure

What is the problem?

You must be or consult an expert to know.

Can I fix this myself?

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Was this disaster preventable?

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Could I have known about this earlier?

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