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About SAM Controllers

At SAM Controllers, we are a group of scientists, engineers and entrepreneurs with expertise in Task Oriented Optimal Computing, intelligent sensing, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and electricity measurement that we have used to develop an advanced Real-Time model based control methodology that is broadly applicable to individual machines and entire systems of machines.


Machines operate in Real-Time and therefore must be controlled in Real-Time. There is no better way to monitor the performance and health of a machine than to monitor its electricity consumption and all SAM Controllers are designed around this philosophy.


The combination of better measurement and data quality with faster, more efficient computing pushes edge computing to the device and even sensor level resulting in a new level of control that redefines expectations from machines that we interact with daily.


The Best,

Real-Time Machine Knowledge is and Awareness is Critical for Sustainable Operations


When machines fail to function properly, there is an immediate impact to you. Whether you are a homeowner and the machine is a sewage pump, or you are a business owner and the machine is a compressor pump, there are immediate and longer term costs that affect your financial bottom line.


Machines can fail at any hour of operation resulting in significant personal disaster and additional costs to repair/replace the machine and return to normal operations. The amount of the costs depend on the problem.

Questions asked with every machine failure

What is the problem?

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Can I fix this myself?

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Was this disaster preventable?

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Could I have known about this earlier?

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