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Self-learning control systems as reliable and autonomous
as the pumps and machinery they control
The Advantages of SAM Controllers

Intelligent, Error Free Sensing

Intelligent sensing is based on the premise that real data is the most valuable part of any control system. In any machine operation, something real is occurring and an intelligent control system must be aware of it all, unencumbered by lack of data or errors in sensing.


Real-Time Electrical Signature Modeling

Machines and all their internal components require energy to perform their functions which is reflected in the electricity they consume. Intensive electrical signature analysis embedded into every SAM Controller reveals all internal operations and is the cornerstone functionality that delivers precision performance and optimum efficiency to any machine or pump.


Secure, Edge Computing 

A control system must be as reliable as the machine it is controlling and not rely on outside communication interfaces. SAM Controllers relies on advanced edge computing to deliver all control, predictive failure, data and analytics without requiring an internet connection for the ultimate in cybersecurity protection.

SAM Control is Real Control


SAM Controllers are designed for simple, automated performance with single button menu operation

Maintenance Free

SAM Controllers operate autonomously and self-report any problems detected within the system


SAM Controllers are built to last in the same rugged environments of the machines they control, guaranteed

Accurate and Precise

Exact and error free Real-Time sensor analysis provides complete confidence in operational data