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Expert Systems
for Daily Use Machines
With precision, automated and digital Real-Time control
for a new level of safety, quality, efficiency and production.
The Advantages of SAM Controllers

SAM Controllers leverage the precision Real-Time monitoring and control of Task Oriented Optimal Computing (“T2C or TOOC”).


T2C opens up a new layer of metadata using the electrical signature as Real-Time feedback during operation pushing edge computing to the device level.


This allows for precise and optimal decision making that maximizes machine work consistency and output as it learns the normal usage patterns.


SAM Controllers can all be upgraded for Real-Time data streaming for integration with external IoT, artificial intelligence, blockchain and predictive analytics platforms.

SAM Control is Real Control


SAM Controllers are designed for simple, automated performance with single button menu operation

Maintenance Free

SAM Controllers operate autonomously and self-report any problems detected within the system


SAM Controllers are built to last in the same rugged environments of the machines they control, guaranteed

Accurate and Precise

Exact and error free Real-Time sensor analysis provides complete confidence in operational data

Every SAM Controller is the first product in its respective market space to embed Task Oriented Optimal Computing, which is an incredible advantage over competitor products.


SAM Controllers are great for Do-it-yourselfers seeking better performance out of the machines they interact with on a daily basis and for entrepreneurs seeking a business growth opportunity.

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