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Reel Winder 2.22R

Automatic Winding for Clamshell String Reels

The SAM Controllers Winder Rewinder 2.22R is a compact, versatile machine that streamlines wire and filament respooling operations. Designed for optimal productivity and efficiency, it handles a wide variety of materials, winding them onto proven clamshell reels. With its active feedback system, powerful dual motor drive, and user-friendly interface, the Winder Rewinder 2.22R delivers exceptional results and productivity for even the most demanding applications.


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The SAM Controllers Winder 2.22R is a state-of-the-art respooling system that combines flexibility, precision, and ease of use. At its core, synchronized dual vector control motors precisely control the take-up spool’s rotation and traversing, ensuring smooth winding with minimal stress on the material. This advanced system enables impressive micron traversing repeatability and ±1.5% typical length accuracy without twisting or damaging the wire.


  • Active Feedback
    • Precise torque and tension   
    • ±1.5% length accuracy
    • No twisting or string damage


  • Dual Motor Drive
    • Lightning Fast Winding: Up to 800 RPM
    • 2.5 kW of power 
    • Fully synchronized Vector Control 


  • Easy to use and Productive    
    • Fits on a table top  
    • No compressed air required
    • Simple single button interface &  wifi connected



The user-friendly interface simplifies operation and recipe management, minimizing setup times and maintaining consistency across production runs. Web connectivity offers enhanced customization capabilities and use metrics, while the ergonomic desk-style design promotes operator comfort and efficiency.


Closed-loop tension control options, spanning 5-2000g, ensure stable and consistent winding tension. The Winder 2.22R excels at producing neat, even winds on spools and coils and is adaptable to a wide range of materials including metal wire, polyamide, nylon, and natural fibers.


Setup is a breeze with a single electrical connection and no requirements for air. Built-in safety features like emergency stop and fuse protection provide peace of mind, and the compact footprint fits perfectly on standard workbenches.


Optional enhancements include length and diameter sensors, label printing software, extended WiFi range, and custom bobbin and reel sizes. Invest in the future of winding technology with SAM Controllers’ Industry 4.0 ready machines, designed to revolutionize your production process and keep you ahead of the competition.

Additional information

Additional information

Weight 75 lbs
Dimensions 38 × 14 × 9 in
Warranty and RMA Information

Warranty and RMA Information

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