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SAM Compressor Controller Demonstrates Significant Energy Savings in DOE Testing

SAM Compressor Controller Demonstrates Significant Energy Savings in DOE Testing

The SAM Compressor Controller, a cutting-edge machine learning technology designed for reciprocating piston compressed air systems, has recently undergone rigorous, independent testing funded by the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). The third-party testing, conducted by Pecan Street Inc., has revealed impressive energy savings, performance enhancements, and a groundbreaking 100% moisture reduction achieved by the SAM Compressor Controller.


The results of the DOE-funded testing demonstrate the immense value of the SAM Compressor Controller in optimizing compressed air systems. The controller delivered a remarkable 23% reduction in power usage for a single pump reciprocating air compressor, showcasing its ability to significantly improve energy efficiency. This substantial energy saving is made possible through the controller’s advanced sensing, feedback, and machine learning capabilities, which continuously monitor and adjust system performance in real-time.


Moreover, the testing revealed that the SAM Compressor Controller achieved a 100% reduction in moisture content within the compressed air system. This remarkable feat has the potential to eliminate the need for costly air drying equipment in many applications, leading to substantial cost savings and simplified system designs. By maintaining a moisture-free environment, the SAM Compressor Controller not only enhances air quality but also prolongs the lifespan of downstream equipment and reduces maintenance requirements.


The potential impact of widespread adoption of the SAM Compressor Controller is staggering. If fully deployed across the industry, the controller could yield over $1 billion in annual power usage cost savings for compressed air system owners. Furthermore, the reduced energy consumption and elimination of air drying equipment would lead to significant environmental benefits, with the potential to eliminate carbon emissions equivalent to removing 2.1 million cars from the road.


In addition to the remarkable energy savings and moisture reduction, the DOE-funded testing highlighted several other benefits provided by the SAM Compressor Controller:

  1. Full automation of the compressed air system, minimizing labor requirements, human errors, and unexpected downtime
  2. Reduction in start-up current demand, alleviating stress on the electrical infrastructure and extending equipment lifespan
  3. Elimination of the drifting pressure bandgap, ensuring consistent and optimized system performance
  4. Protection from thermal overload, promoting system safety and reliability


The testing conducted by Pecan Street Inc. underscores the SAM Compressor Controller’s ability to bring advanced automation and optimization capabilities to compressed air systems. By leveraging real-time monitoring and intelligent control algorithms, the controller enables the seamless automation and optimization of processes while simultaneously reducing energy consumption, eliminating moisture, and minimizing associated emissions.


Designed for ease of installation and backward compatibility with any reciprocating compressed air system, the SAM Compressor Controller offers a turnkey solution for enhancing operational efficiency and sustainability. The controller’s ability to automate operations, optimize performance, and eliminate the need for air drying equipment within the system’s specific operating environment helps recapture significant maintenance and operational costs while promoting environmental stewardship.


As industries face increasing pressure to improve energy efficiency, reduce their carbon footprint, and optimize air quality, the SAM Compressor Controller emerges as a transformative solution for the traditionally inefficient compressed air sector. With the DOE-funded testing confirming its potential to save billions in energy costs, drastically reduce carbon emissions, and eliminate the need for costly air drying equipment, this innovative technology is well-positioned to drive the clean energy revolution and shape the future of sustainable industrial operations.


The extensive testing and validation provided by the DOE-funded study emphasize the immense value and credibility of the SAM Compressor Controller. The independent, third-party nature of the testing adds significant weight to the results, underscoring the controller’s effectiveness and reliability in real-world applications. As more industries recognize the importance of evidence-based solutions, the SAM Compressor Controller stands out as a proven and trusted option for optimizing compressed air systems, achieving meaningful energy savings, and maintaining moisture-free compressed air.


With the backing of the U.S. Department of Energy and the rigorous testing conducted by Pecan Street Inc., the SAM Compressor Controller is poised to revolutionize the compressed air industry. Its impressive performance in the DOE-funded study, including the groundbreaking 100% moisture reduction, serves as a powerful testament to its ability to deliver tangible benefits and drive sustainable, efficient operations. As businesses seek proven solutions to improve their bottom line, reduce their environmental impact, and enhance air quality, the SAM Compressor Controller emerges as an indispensable tool for navigating the challenges and opportunities of the modern industrial landscape.

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