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Solid State Digital Liquid Level Gauge, Sensor

Solid State Digital Liquid Levels (DL) are built to flawlessly operate in difficult environments. Designed with durable and chemically inert materials that will withstand most chemical exposure, the DL has a life expectancy of 10 years.


This solid state gauge has exceptional sensitivity and no moving parts. The configuration of multiple sensing pads in 1.68” Steps spanning the sensor provides more awareness of liquid level,including the detection of dry or overflow conditions and speed of draining or filling. Complete digital control easily allows for customization where flexible or dynamic level configurations may be required.


Data Sheet

Sensor Models 

Each DL incorporates 1.68 inch height resolution for each Level Step with 4 models presently available:


Model Name Length (inches) Step Resolution Measurement Area
Model20 18.9 “ 10 16.8 “
Model40 35.7 “ 20 33.6 “
Model60 51.7 “ 30 49.6 “
Model80 67.7 “ 40 65.6 “

All DL models are 0.9” x 0.25” plastic encapsulated (nylon) and potted with chemically inert epoxy. They are designed to be strapped on to a pipe or other non conductive surface, such as PVC pipe or tank surface, etc.

Other sizes and length are available upon request. Please contact factory with specific requirements, packaging and order quantity. We may have them available in stock.

Advantages of using thw SAM Controllers Solid State Liquid Level Sensor


Each DL contains two temperature sensors, strategically placed on the top and bottom of each sensor to accurately measure liquid temperature and tank conditions.

All DL are factory tested in water and carefully calibrated with the record stored in NVRAM “BASE” and “DELTA” values for each sensing pad individually.  This non-volatile memory stores calibration data and other desired settings and/or working parameters or critical data;


The most common sensor interface with I2C Protocol and power from any 5V power source will drain less than 5mA during operation and 100uA during sleep mode. A standard 6ft (optional up to 30ft, contact for details), double shielded wire specifically designed to prevent any electrical noise is included.  Digital I2C has proven sustainable in noisy electrical environments.  The DL will connect to most controllers with a simple connection of 4 wires.

The data flow rate is factory tested for each DL to ensure 100kHz for 6ft and 12ft cables. The theoretical limit for the I2C bus is established at the 400kHz level for enthusiasts, but our regular factory testing does not include this range. Sample code and C libraries are available upon request. Please contact SAMControllers.com.


The DL can be used in pressurized or non pressurized tanks, metal or insulated materials which  include but are not limited to plastic, concrete, glass, wood, and other similar materials that may not be mentioned.


The DL sensor performance will not be affected by artificial volume displacement or evaporation prevention within tanks or vessels and it will not be affected by large fish in ponds.The DL will NOT detect any floating or sticky objects.